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The current legislation. If you reside in the United States or another country outside of Canada, the United Kingdom or the European Union, our agreement is subject to the laws of New York, in accordance with these conditions, regardless of the principles of the law of conflict law. If an action is admissible under these conditions, you and we agree with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal and State Courts of New York County, New York. inform them immediately after the discovery of a physical or technical incident related to the security of personal data that resulted in a breach of personal data; or take appropriate steps to remedy the incident or security breach as soon as possible, including all relevant measures to assist the relevant national protection authority and cooperate with you, in accordance with the conditions and any applicable data protection legislation, under the conditions set out in the RGPD, and take appropriate measures as soon as possible to remedy the incident or security breach, including all relevant measures to support the competent national protection authority and cooperate with you to inform the persons concerned, by mutual agreement, of the violation of the security of personal data; In addition, we may terminate your account on the service or suspend or cancel your access to the Service at any time (with or without notice) without any liability to you. You can terminate your account in the service in If you use the service, you have the option to register an account. We advise you to register an account, because by creating an account on the service, you will have access to specific features regarding discovery, downloading and contribution to the community. If you do, please provide us with information about yourself as part of the registration process, some of which are required to register the account. You are committed to ensuring that all available information is correct and that you will keep it correct and up-to-date in the future. We also ask you to provide a password to protect the security of your account. You are responsible for the privacy and security of your password.

Any activity that takes place under your account is your responsibility. If you ever think your account may no longer be secure, you need to us immediately. You can also reset your password via changes. If we amend future changes to this arbitration agreement (with the exception of a change to our notification address), you can refuse the changes by sending us a written notification (to our notification address) within 30 days of the change. If you do, your account on the service will be immediately terminated and this arbitration agreement, as in effect just before the changes you rejected, will survive the termination. The terms of the API with the guidelines control the relationship between you and us and represent the entire agreement between you and Unsplash with respect to the issues described in these API conditions. We may, at our sole discretion, refuse or give any reason if you receive consents, authorizations or authorizations that are expressly contemplated in these API conditions or request in other ways. All disputes arising from these API conditions will be resolved in accordance with the “Law, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration” section of the Unsplash terms.

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